3 Steps to a Natural High

C.E. Wheeler
3 min readJan 23, 2022

The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience. — Frank Herbert

We are natural beings. Although human existence is enhanced by technological artifice, our essence is affixed to the natural world. There are far too many artificial means to escape rather than embrace reality. Disconnect and unravel the illusions. Reconnect with nature. Experience a natural high. Embrace the three N’s — Nature; Nothing; Nirvana.


The first step to a natural high is — get out into nature. Nature in all its glory and wonder is available to us all. Go outside. With more than half of the world’s population living in cities, nature has never been more essential to our wellbeing. Although a truly natural area, such as a beach or forest, would be ideal, any touch of nature will do. Whether through houseplant or forest, rock or mountain, rediscover the undefined connection to primal human nature. Begin your journey by freeing yourself from electronic tethers.


Relax the body. Clear the mind. Thoughts will arise, but do not focus on them. Observe and release images and feelings as they drift away. Unfasten the bindings of time. Flow into nothingness. Nothingness is a silenced mind. Nothingness is absence of ego. In nothingness, the inner voice is quiet. The spirit stirs. Experience but do not describe. Understand — the independent self-nature is just a persistent illusion. You are a heavenly particle within the All.


This doesn’t refer to the release from the karmic cycle of reincarnation. But instead nirvana is a state of transcendent happiness. One with nature, wordlessly without ego, the individual rejoins the Universe. Soaring wing and rhythmic breath; sparkling water and coursing blood; rough bark and smooth flesh — sublime nature unifies the spirit with the Divine. If experienced for but a timeless moment, the ensuing natural high rejuvenates the soul.

Do not look for imitations or quickies. The lives of millions of people are ruined by various addictions. Addictions are not limited to substances but also include virtual escapes into various forms of media. It takes courage to break away from self-delusion. But the benefits of becoming one with nature go far beyond the natural high. Find yourself in nature. Take a trip today.



C.E. Wheeler

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