How I was Touched by the Divine

Mirror image reflection of beach scene one side in black and white the other in color. Image is a metaphor for self-discovery
We all are reflections of the Universe
Mirror image reflection of fog shrouded beach. The image is a metaphor for seeking answers from the unknown.
Inward reflections leads to outward realizations
Image is a mirrored reflection of sunny day, blue sky on the beach. A sunbow fills the sky. It is a metaphor for divine light
Contemplate nature to discover the Way
Reflection of open stretch of land as bright white light illuminates the path. It’s a metaphor for spiritual dimensions.
Let go of the ego and find illumination



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C.E. Wheeler

C.E. Wheeler


Writer, Artist. Manifests Positivity. Neotranscendentalist. Spiritual nature. Taoism enthusiast. Editor & Univ. Lecturer in China 12 yrs. Https://