The Divine Madness of Crypto

Money is good for nothing unless you know the value of it by experience. — P.T Barnum

Divine madness, also known as crazy wisdom, is a type of mania — a manifestation of a transcendent enlightenment. Although most often related to spiritual practices divine madness is a form of purposeful activity by aware individuals incorporating the madness into their public personas. The deluge of news centered on cryptocurrency in general and Bitcoin in particular, is a form of divine madness.

Individuals who are fortunate enough to have high percentage returns on cryptocurrency become experience the divine madness of crypto. They seek out soothsayers and pathfinders; spellbinders and foreseers into the decentralized future. One thing is certain — a dynamic new world is arising, the economic tidal impact of which has yet to be determined.

Despite the warnings of crypto-cynics, there is method in this crypto madness. As I wrote in my book, The Tao of Crypto, …. Individual participants’ binary choices within the pulsating global mind summon the dual complementary forces which bring forth the One — the it within every bit — The Tao of Crypto. Harness these forces to enhance the future…

Over the past couple of months, the number of gloomy so-called financial experts speaking out against cryptocurrency has dwindled. Money managing colossi and corporate executives have increasingly spoken glowingly of cryptocurrency as a financial asset class. For the financially minded, the combined market cap of cryptocurrencies is over $2.8 trillion. The market capitalization of Bitcoin at over $930,000,000,000 surpasses that of Facebook (now Meta). How’s that for something “experts” have knocked as total BS and unreal?

A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart. Jonathan Swift

Let’s pause for a warning about magical “what-if” thinking. Such as: Bitcoin’s price was $.08 in July 2010 — what if I bought $100 worth then and held onto it — 1,200 Bitcoin X today’s price of around $65,000 = about $78,000,000. That’s quite a return on investment. On March 8th, 2011 Tesla shares were sold at an opening price of $4.92 per share $100–203 shares X today $1070 = around $217,500. Buy this retrospective thinking blocks one from seeing clearly.

Each lottery ticket also holds the promise of potential riches. But only someone who is truly mad would buy $100 in lottery tickets and be one hundred percent certain that riches awaited. However a very real opportunity for success can be found when the divine madness of hopes and dreams is tempered with healthy doses of pragmatism.

Predictions for Bitcoin’s price over the next few months range from a 25% gain to double/triple — the sky is the limit. No one knows for sure. I would never offer financial advice to others. But I will say — anyone interested in finding their way through the new decentralized world ahead should embrace a at least a touch of the divine madness of crypto if they want to make informed decisions about the near future. Compare this quote attributed to Bill Gates in the early 1990s — “The Internet is just a passing fad.”. To the following recent quote from Bill Gates — “Bitcoin is a technological tour de force”. When considering whether or not to allow a little crypto madness to take hold, remember what Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it”.

To learn more check out my book. The Tao of Crypto.



Writer, Artist. Manifests Positivity. Neotranscendentalist. Spiritual nature. Taoism enthusiast. Editor & Univ. Lecturer in China 12 yrs. Https://

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C.E. Wheeler

Writer, Artist. Manifests Positivity. Neotranscendentalist. Spiritual nature. Taoism enthusiast. Editor & Univ. Lecturer in China 12 yrs. Https://